RICHARD PERRETT, Vice President European Union

Richard possesses considerable commercial experience in the field of property and construction spanning a period of over 30 years. This includes international work in the UK, Middle East, Far East, USA and Europe, where he has been involved in a substantial number of major projects.

He has held many senior board positions over this time, and has been responsible for the establishment and operation of joint venture partnerships and project specific commercial arrangements between various companies. This has given him first hand knowledge of working practices that can be quite diverse, including negotiations at government level, and with EEC regeneration support departments.

Over the past 20 years, he has held the following posts:

* Head of development. Blackfriars Investments. A Uk based property developer working primarily in the field of commercial and large office developments in the 50-500m range.

*Associate director. Mace Ltd. One of the Uk's largest project consultancies with schemes under management all over the world

* Divisional managing director. Acer Consultants. A global consultancy dealing with major infrastructure projects on an international scale.

* Development director. Meridian Land Plc. A major developer of commercial properties and business parks.

* Managing director & director. Bridgwater Group. A property and construction group with manufacturing interests.

Richards primary skills are in property and construction, where he has considerable experience of masterplanning, project team assembly and final delivery. This includes preparation of scheme appraisals and financial projections for banking negotiations and financial sourcing. Typical schemes have included the following:

* Large scale stand alone commercial office developments and business parks.

* Large mixed developments including:- offices, leisure, hotels, retail & transport.

* Transport schemes including:- ports, distribution centres, rail, metro and airports.

* Large scale regeneration and refurbishment schemes.

For the past 11 years, Richard has worked alongside other members of the IDC team on a number of their projects, and is now based in France.

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