In his role as President & Chief Executive Officer, responsible for all day to day activities of IDC. Mr. Kanchas is a founder of IDC and has been managing the company since its establishment.

Mr. Kanchas is an international business development executive with extensive experience in consultant and business development in the emerging markets worldwide. Highly motivated executive with strong organizational and multilingual communications skills. Developed excellent international network of personal and professional contacts among US and European corporations and financial institutions. Engaged in initiation, analysis, business structuring, financing and management of long term international projects, particularly those dealing with infrastructure development in emerging markets, by attracting financial resources and technologies from top United States and European multinational corporations. Personally, arranged successful collaboration of reputable US and European companies on successful development of multi-million dollar projects in Europe. Prior to founding IDC, he worked for the Malmgren Group, a financial advisory services and economic policy think tank firm in Washington D.C. established by Dr. Harald B. Malmgren, ambassador at large, and former U.S. Deputy Trade representative.

He is a former diplomat and member of the Corps Diplomatique in Washington D.C. He has a B.S. in engineering, with a double major in energy and electrical engineering from Kaunas University of Technology, and advanced degree in international economy from prestigious Academy of Foreign Trade and International Economic Relations in Moscow.

Mr. Kanchas is multilingual. He is Contributing Editor of “The International Economy” magazine on global economic politics in Washington D.C.

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